4 08, 2021

Delinquent Taxes, Child Support and Alimony


If you have become delinquent in your payment of taxes, child support or alimony, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a great way to pay these back with monthly payments that are fit within your budget. Taxes Whether you are behind to the IRS, state tax department, or city/county taxes, Chapter 13 will protect you from the collection actions of all of these tax creditors and allow us to put together a plan to pay them back with monthly payments that are affordable to you, allowing you up to 5 years to do so. While most newer tax debts are not dischargeable [...]

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22 06, 2021

Delinquent Rent


COVID has created difficult situations for many Americans. If you are behind in your rent and would like to remain in the property, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you to include delinquent rent in your payment plan to cure the delinquency and remain in the property, even if the landlord has already obtained a judgment for possession against you. Please Contact Us for assistance.

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