2 09, 2022

Happy Labor Day


If Memorial Day is the official start of summer, then Labor Day is the bookend that brings it to a close. And really, the sentiment behind the holiday should always be top of mind — especially as we gear up for the busy season ahead. Labor Day, which always falls on the first Monday in September (FYI, September 5 this year), makes for a three-day weekend packed with backyard barbecues, baseball games and end-of-the-season beach trips. But the federal holiday wasn’t always the fancy-free, idyllic day we've come to know and love. Many Americans don’t realize just how much it's steeped [...]

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29 08, 2022

Bankruptcy and Stress


Bankruptcy and Stress Many individuals during the pandemic have encountered many challenges and reduction in income has been a common occurrence. There have been many programs available to ease this burden, however, for some it may not be enough. Many individuals are opting to file for some form of bankruptcy and the stress of debit and the decision take that step can be challenging. The stress leading up to bankruptcy can often be overwhelming and challenging to manage. Many people struggle with the emotional toll of being in a lot of debt. Luckily, you're not alone, and bankruptcy is a great [...]

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